How To Order

In order to make you place your order more quickly, please follow the steps below and review our Terms and Conditions before placing an order. If you have any questions or concerns Please use WhatsApp(+01 (484)314-9674 to chat with us online and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you.


Order a jersey


 1.Visit our website to choose the style of uniform, And choose the uniform, jerseys or shorts according to your needs


2.Select size and color and enter team name, player name, number, sponsor and logo


3.Click Size chart to view the size chart,Be sure to check the size, because the jerseys on our website have Asian and European sizes.


4.After you fill in all the information, click to ADD TO CART,Then click to View cart.


5.Click on Check out


6.Enter your receiving information, and click Continue to shipping


7.Click Continue to payment


8.Choose a payment method and click Complete order

Order the team's uniform

If you need to order a team, we have two ways to purchase:

1.Add information about all players, including number, team name, duiyuanmingzi, sponsor and logo,then pay together,We offer free shipping over $100

2.You can also just fill in the information of one person, and then add the number of teams that need to be ordered, and then you can send the order information to us via WhatsApp(+01 (484)314-9674

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